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Start up specialty bakery in Atlanta. You want cake? I’ll make it. Delicious cake. You want Red Velvet? I got that. You want Nutella buttercream and almond cake? Done. You want a salty caramel delight? I made that this morning. Cookies? How many dozens? Muffins? Please!! Brownies that are heavenly? You betcha! Scones that are light and fluffy and sweet and savory? I got 5 to choose from.

I have a dream of one day having a bakery in Atlanta which will rival the best bakeries in the country. I make seriously delicious (and sometimes decadent) pastries/cakes/cookies/muffins/loaves/scones and buttercream unrivaled in this wonderful city. Everything made to order, everything made with love.

The best, and nothing but the. Promise.